Saturday, January 10, 2009

Worst Bath Ever

So today was Zach's day for a bath (every other day we are required to clean him). Usually we get prepared - we turn the heat up, get all the bath stuff out and get ourselves prepared for the screaming that comes when you remove any article of Zach's clothing. However today was different. Alex was changing a very dirty diaper in the back room when Zach peed on him - and the window. So Alex decides we should wash him, now, like this second. I run to get the bath tub, the washcloths, start warming the water, etc. About that time he runs into the kitchen with my half naked child (screaming) and plops him in the tub. As I start to try to wash my child he poops into his tub. Awesome.

Alex is horrified and insists we switch him to the wash pod. For those not familiar with the wash pod, it is a half cylinder that the baby is supposed to sit in, as compared to the oblong tub. The key is that the baby is supposed to be able to sit up, or at least hold up his head. This makes no difference to Zach's dad.Alex grabs the wash pod and I am dangling screaming Zach over the pod as we walk into the bathroom.

Once we get some water in the pod and lower him in (with me still holding him), he seemed a tad less dissapointed that we were his parents. Below are some pictures from the first bath, where we did not traumatize Zachary.


  1. To all who read this blog: any bath of any infant that does not result in injury to anyone is a "good bath" according to my standards.

  2. Hi Alex & Kinsey...your bath story absolutely cracked me up! I guess cuz I could just envision it all! Having had two boys, I understand... Glad to hear you are all doing well! Jan Larson