Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fussy Pants

Can you believe Zach is 6 weeks old today?? As I type this I notice it is 3:40, the exact time of his birth - how our lives have changed in 6 short weeks. He, of course, is changing every day. He has put himself on somewhat of a routine now, with 2 long naps during the afternoon and one short one. He is still only sleeping 2.5 hours at night, but he is still like clockwork with that and goes right back to sleep after eating. Mornings are all about active awake time. He is cooing and gurgling, smiling and tooting. Lots and lots of tooting. He still does not smile "on cue" but I still think he is smiling at me. We went to Hermann park with our friends Tracy and Wyatt and both boys enjoyed being outside and us moms enjoyed getting some exercise. We also went to two Super Bowl parties, and Zach slept through one and ate through the 2nd. As expected our little Wall is a busy, busy boy.

Alex says he looks like a little Wall in this picture

No, he is not watching TV - just the lights in the kitchen
How I catch just a few more minutes of sleep in the morning

Big smile for Mommy!!


  1. We knew he'd be busy! What darling pictures. I can't believe how much he's changed just since I was there!

  2. Congratulations Kinsey and Alex! Tanya passed along your blog. Zachary is so precious!! And his birthday is a great birthday to have (I should know) :)