Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chunky Monkey

A few questions came to mind when I saw these pictures I took of Zach playing with his new favorite toy; a basketball hoop that makes crowd noises when the hoop is pushed down.
1. When did my child become a huge chunk ball? He was long and skinny at birth and now look at those cankles and wrist rolls!
2. Why does his onesie look like a worn out undershirt? Could I not find some bleach that day?
3. And why don't people think it is cute when my thighs look so round and mushy? No one is trying squeeze those and coo "Oooo sweet baby". No one.


  1. Kinsey, I hope you keep this blog up forever! It makes me laugh and smile and I get to watch him grow up all the way from Missouri!

  2. Now he's starting to look more like those baby pictures of yours. Need we remind you of your chunky status as a baby... :)