Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word of the Week

Zach has been talking up a storm these past few weeks. He trying to mimic everything we say, including "Alex" when I was yelling for his father to come into the room and help me this morning. But "up" is the word he is overusing now...for everything from getting into chairs, out of his car seat and for me to pick him up. Well, technically he still uses "Mommmmeeeeeee" in a very loud voice for that most of the time.
Here he is wandering around our back porch using his favorite word and others while shirtless, naturally. I just love that giant belly. He is like one of those skinny pregnant women; from the back you don't notice it, then he turns around and WOW! That belly is huge!
Oh and yes, Norman runs the entire time we are in the backyard. I don't know why and don't even notice it anymore. I think he is just so excited we are out there he can't contain himself!!

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  1. He is such a good "talker"! Give hin a kiss for me. Love, Granny Marsh