Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day Fun

All Alex wanted for Father's Day was to eat dinner at James Coney Island and not work. He got one of those. Well he got some new socks too. I dressed Zach like his dad (why I get such a kick out of doing this I don't know. I doubt I would dress a girl like me) and off we went. Zach, having recently decided that 18 months is the perfect age to be a total toot started the trip off nonplussed and stayed that way through most of the dinner. Luckily we had Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Dave to swap off since I was still limping around in my post-surgery boot.

Alex, being the most glass-is-always-half-full person I know was still thrilled with the day.

Zach not happy about going outside.
At Coney's

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