Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Batting those eyelashes

James has the curliest, longest eyelashes of all of us. I have no clue where he gets them. But they always make me smile when they flutter on me. I have started swaddling him and letting him cry a bit for his naps (which made an enormous difference right away), but as I lay him down and swaddle him he always smiles and bats his eyelashes at me. NO matter how tired he is - he is committed to fighting sleep as long as possible and that move always works.

Oh and PS his eyes are still blue. I think they just might stick. So far his eyes are the only thing that makes him look different from his brother. Otherwise they are twins. Right down to the profile.


  1. What a little flirt! He's gorgeous Kinsey!

  2. He gets them from ME. People used to say the same about my eyelashes back when I was young. PWayne