Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Lawyer

Just what the world needs, right? Yes that is what we need because it is everyone's favorite Auntie Tami! She graduated from U of H a few weekends ago and we showed up in force to cheer her on. Well, technically Zach and Alex went with the family to cheer her on and James and I arrived after his nap to celebrate. It was pretty hot under the tents, but Zach played around in the grass and James got to be held by a bunch of pretty girls so he was a happy guy.

You might recognize Ben's dad, Adam in this pic. 
He was the professor doing the "hooding"
for all the graduates (or whatever the smart people call it).

As usual my child tries to steal the spotlight (wherever does he get that from) 
as he has Tami's dad, a nuclear engineer, 
detangling his slinky from the pole he wrapped it around.

yes, this happened

Someday I will have a nice family photo. Maybe?

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