Friday, December 14, 2012

What the Jack

Jack is still hanging around our house. I find him in a stack of blocks, under the tree and on Zach's bed. i am still trying to be creative and these two landing places I am decently proud of - though only one is an actual original idea.

Zach loved that Jack was eating cupcakes. This seemed to tickle him to death which did make me happy.

I felt Jack, like all of us during this time needed a drink. This landing spot annoyed Zach as he couldn't get him out to torture that poor elf.

As a side note my apologies for my delay in blogging. I was on such a roll I know. But the entire family was sidelined by the flu last week and it has taken us two weeks to recover. That plus I couldn't get the blog to work at work so I couldn't do my updates during lunch. But no worries, I am back! Get excited. I know you are.

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