Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Active Guy

When Zach wakes up each morning at approximatly 6:45 am, thus begins the below schedule:
Eat - 30 minutes
Play time - 30 minutes
Nap time - 1 hour (fingers crossed)
During play time the below video is what goes on. Sometimes we chat while he has tummy time, sometimes while he looks at his singing and light up sun (which I think could cause ADD), and sometimes he sits in his chair and stares at me as I email. While it may not look like 3 minutes of much, it is tons more movement than he has done even two weeks ago. He really responds now to people talking to him, with coos and gurgles and those high pitched squeals. The books say he is learnign how to have a conversation, not to sure about that, but I love it either way.
PS Big aplogy for my annoying voice on the video, if only I could mute just my voice...

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