Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Cold

Zach has caught the second cold of his entire little life and it is annoying me. Yes, let's just bring the focus right back to me for a sec. I naturally want to blame it on daycare, but given how clean the place is and how much I like it, and the fact that no other child there is sick I can not. So I blame it on the next plausible person - Alex Wall. He has obviously brought some germs into the house and given them to my baby. Obviously. I am sure I will see the evidence soon...

Zach just has the sniffles, but it is waking him up at night and disrupting my sleep. Does he not realize that I am now a working mother? And I need my beauty sleep if I am going to make sure I have on mascara and my shoes match? Really not even beauty sleep, given how deep I sleep now and how my morning hair reflects that. Given the pitch of the screams at 4 am, he could give a flip if I am sleeping or not.

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  1. So great Kinsey.
    Love your writing.
    Too funny!

    Here's our blog...

    I'm not so great at writing or keeping up with pics. I'll try better soon. :)

    Hope all is well!