Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hut

For his birthday Zach received this pop up play hut, complete with crawl/scoot through tunnel. He absolutely loves it. It took some time for him to figure out how to scoot in over the lip of the hut, but he finally did and spends quite a bit of time going in and out and hiding behind the flaps.

As I am desperate for him to learn that I am "mama" I play a lot of peekaboo with said flaps screaming "Where is Mama? Where is Mama? There she is!". And yes, I feel like a crazy person speaking of myself in the 3rd person and Norman just wants to know why I am making such a ruckus at this giant green hut. Oh and Zach? He just smiles and laughs - but refuses to say "There is my mama!".


  1. Fun hut! I'm sure he has a blast! He's just holding out so when he does say it you will be all the more excited!

  2. Yeh, you say that now about wanting him to call out for 'Mama' There will come a time when you may wish he would stop calling out for you. You must be careful that you will get what you wish for. Love, PWayne