Thursday, January 14, 2010

This would not happen if I stayed at home

Zach got his first bite at school this week. Apparently he was playing with a toy another child wanted and that child decided to bite my baby and take his toy. The other child didn't just take a little nibble, no, no, he (or she - they would not tell me who the culprit was), left 6 teeth marks on my child's cheek. The bottom two drew blood!

At first I started laughing - my default when I don't know what to do, as inappropriate as that is - but it just seemed so absurd that he had gotten hurt that day given he was happy as can be eating cheerios when I arrived. But later it sunk in and I got sad for him. You never want your baby to be hurt, and though I know it is just a surface wound it is still highly pitiful.

The perils of daycare I suppose. But given what transpired when I attempted to take a picture of the wounds it is more likely that if I stayed home I might try to bite him myself.

Note the 4 red marks under his right (your left) eye and the two below those.

Oh that is not a hug for mommy. No. He wants my camera

And then got really, really mad when I would not let him have it.

PS Yes, my child is shirtless in January. Don't judge me, I wanted to see that baby pudge.

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  1. Kinsey, this could have happened even if you did stay home. Hope went to a Mother's Day Out program two mornings a week (home with my mom the rest of the time), and the same thing happened... a nasty bite on the cheek!