Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow and Steady

Per Zach's baby book he took his first steps at 12.5 months. What will follow that entry will be "started walking more that scooting, 13 months". I think we have to admit that Zach is officially walking. I am still not going to set him down in Walgreens and expect him to walk next to me, but he is voluntarily walking around the house and at daycare, more than scooting for sure. As with his scooting, he really prefers to have something in his hands while moving. A ball if he can get his hands on it is for sure the favorite item to carry. But an empty lime juice bottle (that he and Norman fight over) will do.


  1. Things will never the same again. Great milestone but more to watch out for now. All looks good. PWayne

  2. Wow- how exciting... I can't believe how big he is getting!!!

  3. Yea! Way to go Zach. You are going to be one busy momma chasing him.