Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zoo - 2nd try

At the end of our last zoo incident I promised Zach we would go back to the zoo ASAP to see the seals. And I called on my friend Beth and Zach's friend Sophie to join us. Who would NOT want to go to the zoo at 4pm in June? Luckily Beth is my type of gal, always looking for something to do with our kiddos in the afternoon, so she sweetly packed up Sophie and her baby sister Lily and off we went to the zoo. 

Turns out there are not many (aka zero) animals out at 4pm in June. Strange I know. But the kids got to see the seals and elephants who don't care that it is 95 degrees out and we walked around and pretended we could see the other animals. Alex joined us around 5 and the three of them  played tag (or something) and splashed in the fountain. Luckily this time he did not let Zach get in the fountain, which is very surprising I know. 

About this time I was yelling for Zach to stop drinking the water, 
I had a perfectly good cup of water RIGHT HERE!

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