Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Chillens Museum

Zach had his third birthday party at the Children's Museum (or Chillens museum as he says it) on his actual birthday. It was really nice to do it that day so we did not have to celebrate twice and get him all confused. He already believes that he gets presents for about a week during Christmas time.

The museum did an awesome job of setting up the room in my requested colors of blue and yellow (what? they said I got 20 balloons and table covers, of course I was going to ask to just have blue and yellow) and best of all, my house stayed clean. But truly the best thing (in my opinion) about the museum is that the kids get to play for about 45 min to an hour before eating/cake. So they are worn out that night.

We had better attendance than I thought given it was the Friday before Christmas and though we were missing some crucial friends (Big Ben for one), Zach had a awesome time with the fun friends that were able to come. If you recall the theme was Little Man, and James is dressed accordingly.

All the kiddos seemed to enjoy the huge climbing structure. 
Even though it SPECIFICALLY says 5 and up.

Zach and his fav Auntie Alison
The super, super cute Sam Prewitt.
 Zach refused to smile for any photos so this one was caught on the fly.
An aeronautical engineering making a rocket. Of course.
Zach and his ladies.
My big three year old singing Happy Birthday to himself.

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  1. How is that boy so big?! I remember that Dec. 23rd 3 years ago like it was yesterday. Love that little man