Thursday, November 15, 2012

He doesn't care that they are dirty

In the past month we have noticed James' insistence on doing whatever Zachary is doing at the moment keeps growing. If Zach eats a green bean; James will eat a green bean. If Zach is brushing his teeth; you better get James his toothbrush for those 6 teeth STAT.

However, James is also obsessed with wearing his own shoes and socks. If you put on your shoes or he just sees his, he brings them to you.

So I didn't really put two and two together to realize when James brought me a pair of Zach's socks while we were playing that Zach had on the same pair. Granted, James' were from the day before but guess who was having none of me trying to switch them out for clean ones. Shrill screaming started and I realized I didn't care that much.

I have no clue what is going on in all these photos. Something with a hula hoop, pillows and a piece of a race car track.

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