Friday, February 1, 2013

Best gift for a 4 year old

That is high praise, I know. And I don't say it lightly.

Zach got a ton of wonderful gifts this year, things he wanted like Spider-man everything, a dream light (which really does work) and a step stool he can carry around. But this gift was unexepcted and perfect.

It is the Boba Fett Launch Lab Air Powered Rocket. And when I opened it I thought - Hey! This is not super hero's, we are not a Star Wars family (I pray)!  But oh it is so much better than super hero's.

It is a little foam rocket that flies into the air when the child jumps on the launch pad. The absolute best part? Once they figure it out - it took Zach some time- it is a totally independent toy. It doesn't fly fast enough to put a baby brother's eye out and it is exercise too.

Excellent, excellent work KK. She got it at Imagination Toys and Shoes here in Houston where I need to go immediately to purchase more for the upcoming birthdays.

Here is a clip of the fun in action.

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