Thursday, May 8, 2014

The end is coming

There are exactly 10 more days of school for the boys. Well, technically, James only has five. Holy crap. That is coming really, really fast. I can't focus on the summer yet, or the weeks that we have very little to do...what I can focus on is end of the year teacher gifts! Naturally, I can get really excited about this.

I thought some of you might be getting panicky/excited as well, so I did a round up of the things I have done in the past in case you need suggestions for this year.
Donuts - Send the teacher's off to summer with a sweet treat and a gift card for the local doughnut place. Since she won't be rushing to get to school, she has time, but you know she is up.
Gift Cards - Check out the bottom of this post for a link to printable gift card holders. Make the teacher smile all while saying - thank you for making sure my child wiped!
Cookies - If you didn't use this for Valentine's day, you could totally use it now. Package up some cookies to wish your teacher well this summer.
Cup + Lemonade - Super easy, super cute with printable tags.
Bookmark - This is what I did last year, and might do again. I printed out this cute bookmark and included it with an Amazon gift card. Easy and fast.

Also you can check out my For a Great Teacher Pinterest board for more suggestions than you most likely want. Happy Summer!

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  1. Seriously love the I looked for pinterest ideas but came decided on a gift true! Also, as a former English teacher and total book nerd, I loved the bookmark and Amazon gift card :)