Friday, September 18, 2009

No Stopping or Standing Allowed

What is Zachary doing? Why does he all of a sudden want to stand up all the time? He can not even crawl yet! He can't figure out how to get his legs unstuck and face plants on the ground, yet he reeeeeeeally wants to be standing up. I caved and bought this table toy (thanks to Wyatt's momma) which he loves. It sings, speaks in Spanish, counts and most likely bakes a cake while teaching my child sign language. It is an all in one entertainment machine. He really enjoys holding on to it and batting at all the items on the top. These pics had to be taken in 3 seconds though, as once he stops paying attention to the toy he falls over.


  1. Pure Talent! I can't believe he's standing. You better watch out. He'll be walking before you know it.

  2. He may well be like his Momma and may walk before he crawls!

  3. Why didn't you tell about those legs before you left on your trip and left me with him so he could put this on his head. PWAyne