Friday, October 29, 2010

Not all organic and flax seed

While yes, I am that crazy mother that packs Flax Seed crackers for a snack and makes her child eat buckwheat pancakes mixed with banana puree, sweet potato puree and blueberrys, here is evidence that even I cave to pizza on a Saturday night. This was the second night of Zach and I's weekend together when his father left us for a wedding in New Mexico. Pizza on the couch was easy and fun. The downside? He can now say 'pizza' which is just awesome, as he likes to scream it when I try to serve him rice balls or bean burgers. Luckily I have tricked him into thinking that quesadillas (with sweet potato puree and tofu) are pizza. I am sure this is all going to paid back to me someday.


  1. I think Zach deserves some pizza every once in a while! (and so do you!)