Monday, April 30, 2012

Not cooperating

I have really enjoyed capturing James each month for his monthly photo series. It is usually just the two of us and my camera, a white onesie and some fabric taped to the wall. I can almost always get a smile 1 out of about 25 times. Until this month that is.

March was really the first month that he did not want to sit still. He only wanted to pull down the fabric and lay across his feet. Which is what he does all day anyway, but it was especially bothersome when I wanted him to smile and sit up.

It took two separate shoots to get the photo. The first try involved Zach "helping" to get James to smile, which really meant he was helpful for about 30 seconds then he wanted to be IN the photos, not helping with the photos.

Finally I got a second try when of course my fabric had some spots from the iron which I had to Photoshop out. But he was a bit more smiley if still grabby for the fabric.

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  1. The life of photographer is not easy and child photos are some of the hardest to get. You do a great job and keep trying. PWayne