Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bunny Table Runner - Nailed It

Another vision gone terribly wrong. I think I have yet to post a project that has gone right. About right.

Here is the bunny table runner I saw on Pinterest.

And here is the one that I now own.

Nailed it. Totally the same.

I would like to say that I went to three separate craft stores looking for that giant bunny stamp. No luck. So I thought to myself, don't I have a cookie cutter that is a bunny? I do. Problem is, it is a bunny mid hop. Look closely and use your imagination.

I pulled a Kinsey and just saw the picture and went with it. I used my bunny hop cutter and made some stencils.

Then I recruited my highly excited helper to stencil with me.

You see he is holding his shoes. That tells you how long he lasted. Three bunnies. I did all the rest myself. Which, as we all know, I didn't really mind. However....since he started it, there is no pattern, they are totally random. This randomness is so far out of my comfort zone I can't really even focus on it. I live for symmetry. LIVE for it. But no, I let him "help" and now I have a random bunny hop table runner.

James kept walking by and trying to grab the bunnies tails off, Alex asked "What is that?" and Zach used it as a place mat. I don't think the Eclectically Vintage had these issues.

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  1. Are you taking orders? (hey, at least you know I'm reading your blog!) haha!