Friday, April 26, 2013

I need the truth

Truth: I am a terrible speller. Truth: Grammar is not my gift. Truth: There are grammar, spelling and other word mishaps on this blog and NO ONE IS TELLING ME.

I am sorry to start screaming at you so early this morning, but I feel it is needed. Do you really think I want to be using the wrong version of "suit" and "too"? Or leaving out words in sentences? My sister will tell me but she can't be my only editor!

Usually I am typing this up late at night when I am tired and I read what I want to read. I try to double check it but again, I am tired and I know what I meant to say.

So this is my plea - if you see a mistake will you please, please make a comment about it? I lost my shame a long time ago along with my bikinis so I will not feel bad about it. I will feel bad if I look like a stupid blogger who can't even spell probably. Which I can't PS.

I want to know. I need to know.

Followers I am looking at you....all six of you....

Don't make me send James to scream at you as well.

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