Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finally I can paint again

Last week I shared this article on Facebook basically yelling at everyone up North who is all "pumpkin this" and "pumpkin that" since here in Houston, we are still sweating in our shorts. But finally last weekend the humidity broke and while it is still in the 80's and 90's, I don’t feel the need to wring out my hair when I come inside.
Literally the day the humidity dropped I raced outside to get started on a project a year in the making. Don’t get too excited, it is only a year in the making because after I purchased this Ikea stool (and my dad put it together), I then went back to work full time and dropped all crafts.

But not now people! I have this kind of time.

I knew I wanted to paint it white and “dip” the legs. You don’t know what dipped legs look like? They are ALL over Pinterest
Basically you just paint part of the stool a different color like it was “dipped” into that color. I couldn't really find a photo showing exactly how I thought the stool should be painted. I didn't like how little of the legs were dipped in this one and this one.
 Or how the top only is dipped in this one.
Not my vision.
I wanted more of the legs to be a different color, so I painted to just under the first step.
As Chris so kindly pointed out, technically, I could have physically dipped each leg into the full can of paint I had vs. taping and painting. Not helpful, Chris. Not helpful.

For a $14 stool and zero cost to change it up, I like it. And it is the perfect height for James to get up onto the bed in his room for some stalling prior to naptime casual book reading.

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