Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Return of the Rice

Remember when Zach and I made colored rice a while back? Well, recently I put it where the boys could see it and James has taken a huge interest in it. Huge.

However, I can't let them play with it alone and let me show you why. First of all, James feels the need to be in the box of rice.
When he did get out, to let Zach play. this happened.
James found this hysterical took it as he cue to frolic in the rice.

 Oh, I do mean frolic.
So my sweet baby wants to "play rice" daily now but I can only manage it once a week for my sanity. But he does love it and you know I love when my kids actually play with the things I make. And he is very, very impressed with the rice.

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  1. Good action shot on the rice on the head. What's with those tattoos? PWayne