Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bieber aside, they are twins

My children are twins separated by two and a half years (and attitudes). It still freaks me out when they both look at me and it is like the same person staring me down. I have been trying to capture a side profile and this is the best I could get. They both desperately needed haircuts at the time, obviously.

Maybe other people's children have the exact same face profile down to their ears and neck? Maybe? The head shape is at least different as James has my nice (huge) rounded one and Zach has the standard Wall football shape. Side note: I distinctly remember when that happened. He came out with the most perfectly rounded head and then somewhere around 10 weeks it just popped out. And then he officially looked nothing like me.

This is what happened after they realized I was taking their picture. That is Zach's new "smile". James immediately kicked in with his signature screech since I had the nerve to take his photo without his written consent. 

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