Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It is always someone

I still get these Baby Center updates for both boys mainly because I am too lazy to turn them off, but I have noticed as of late that one child is, per them, markedly more troublesome..

Your 18 month old this week:
Is your toddler a ray of sunshine at daycare but a thundercloud when you show up on the scene? These end-of-day meltdowns are actually signs of true love. Your child knows that it's safe to let out all of his pent-up feelings around you. While you may be tempted to run a few errands on your way home, you should probably put those tasks on hold until your child's more agreeable.

Your 4 year old this week:
The Golden Rule says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It will be easier to teach your child this concept now that her empathy, or sensitivity to other people's feelings, is advancing. Even though she can't quite think through other people's reactions all the time, she's capable of naming many feelings and reaching out with a hug when someone's sad. And that's huge!

I am glad someone else has noticed that my life is a complete mix of opposites.


  1. Kinsey, Mary Martha just told me today about your blog!! I've been reading tons of your posts and laughing out loud!! Can't wait to pass this on to Katie.. When she gets back from Mexico. Yikes! She went off without leaving a "lovely young mother " photo!!

    1. That ties very nicely into this post...she really should have asked me! Welcome!